Tinted glass is produced by changing the chemical formula of glass using inorganic additives, creating glass products with altered properties such as colour, UV or heat transmission.

This process has significant advantages particularly in tropical contexts such as Singapore where solar heat and light management is key. Tinting helps to reduce both, creating an interesting visual effect externally while ensuring privacy.

We offer tinted glass in shades of Euro GreyBronze and French Green. If you would like to have a closer look, feel free to contact us for a visit to our glass processing facility in Changi.

Tinted glass can also be treated with processes such as tempering, heat soak or heat strengthening. See our Services section for an overview of custom options available.

*Please note that the tint is generated as part of the manufacturing process, which means that the colour will not degrade or peel in the same way a window film might.


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