Q. Is glass flooring safe?

Absolutely!  Carlton Glass has been designing and providing glass for flooring for many years where it has proven to be more durable and providing a higher quality finish for longer than other glass materials.

The most common glass provided for flooring is heat soak glass, which can be up to 15 times as strong as regular glass.  Heat-soak glass can also be tinted in specific colours if it is part of your design.

Glass flooring is produced by Carlton Glass at our Changi Glass Processing facility – so as our valued client you also get to enjoy the shorter lead times and better service that a local factory offers. 

Q. Are there any special safety requirements for glass in shops?

Yes - the exact requirements depend upon the specific use that the glass is being put to, and the best way to check is to talk to your architect or designer who will be able to advise you more accurately.

We also invite you to our combined glass factory and office in Changi if you would like to have a more detailed discussion on what can be achieved with the Carlton Glass range of glass services and how we can custom produce glass to your requirements.

Some of the more common glass services and products that are used in shopfronts and displays are:

Low Iron Glass for display cases

Tempered Glass for picture windows or internal glass dividers

Heat Soak Glass for shelving, glass counter-tops or conference tables (because of its strength)

Heat Strengthened Glass – for similar uses as heat soak glass

Tinted Glass for privacy

Laminated Glass for strength and safety

Grit Blasting – for customised patterns and designs engraved into the glass (such as logos or slogans)