Q. Can I order glass in odd shapes or sizes?
Yes. Carlton Glass has a dedicated glass processing line in Changi with CNC capabilities so we can manufacture glass to meet your specific size and shape requirements, including water jet and laser cutting of specific designs or shapes.

Q. Can you manufacture glass to a colour I specify?
Carlton Glass provides tinted glass in three colours: Euro Grey, Bronze and French Green. We also provide painted glass in White and Black.

If you want a specific colour, we can offer a bespoke painting service for our glass products – speak to our customer service team on 6742 6882 to find out more about this. 

Q. What shapes can be made with tempered glass?
Because we have our own glass processing line, the range of shapes that can be offered for tempered glass is only limited by your imagination.

The largest size that we can produce in a single pane of tempered glass here in Singapore is (x) although if you need larger we can manage the process through our manufacturing partners.

With a specialised CNC machine, we are also able to custom shape glass with specific holes, shapes of cut-outs pre-cut into it. This also applies to our heat soak glass.

Q. If I want custom shaped glass — how long must I wait?
This will depend largely on the size and complexity of your order.

In general, rush orders of standard clear glass, shaped with our CNC machine to your specifications can be delivered within 3-4 days.

If you would like to avail yourself of some of our other products and services, completed on our glass processing line in Changi – such as laminated EVA glass, heat soak glass, heat strengthened glass, grit blasting or tempered glass the wait may be slightly longer.

Whether you have a rush job, or would simply like to discuss your custom glass requirements further, we invite you to call us or to visit our combined factory and office for a discussion with one of our professional and friendly glass consultants.