Q. I have full length windows — how do I stop my room from getting hot in the sun?
One of the classic ways to reduce the amount of heat transferred to your room via large windows is glass tinting.  Carlton Glass tints our glass at our glass processing line in Changi, and are able to offer three different colours baked into the glass.

We would be very pleased to host you at our combined glass factory and office for a discussion with one of our professional glass consultants to discuss how we can meet your needs.

Q. Can glass meeting rooms be made soundproof?
Yes, glass meeting rooms can be soundproofed to a very high degree. For more on how to achieve this, you should speak with your designer or architect.

Q. What are the benefits of glass partitions?
Glass, just like any material used in an office or service setting has both advantages and disadvantages.

When used as office partitions, glass offers a high level of flexibility. What most people don’t realise is that the colour of the glass can be customised via a tinting process which “bakes” the colour into the glass – making more durable and hardwearing than the traditional foam board partition material.

It is this long lasting quality, as well as the feeling of strength and an upmarket appeal that makes glass partitions a valued alternative in office layout design.

Glass really comes into its own in the context of creating conference rooms, meeting rooms or small study rooms from a larger office design, enabling spaces to be more easily lit.  Its surfaces can be customised, while still letting in light, and providing adequate privacy at the same time.