Manufacturing glass has always been difficult but we have achieved so much in that space that now it looks like we can manufacture anything. By anything, I mean the applications related to glass. If we are talking about glass then we have to talk about Singapore. A beautiful city right in the heart of Asia is the king when it comes to the production of glass. You cannot find the techniques used there anywhere in the world.

Singapore uses the world’s latest and greatest machinery like double edging grinding machines, CNC work centers, vertical work centers, and movetro. All these machines are used to manufacture and process the glass to get a finished product.

Low Iron Glass

Low Iron Glass

CNC Machine

CNC Machine

The glass can be transparent and very fragile in nature. And they are made by the fusion of sand with lime, soda, and some other substances and then cooled quickly. Basically, glasses that are manufactured in Singapore have the strength, transparency, workability, and recycling property.

There are many types of glasses that are manufactured in Singapore and those are clear glass, clear mirror, low iron mirror, Tinted glass, printed glass, and Sunergy glass. One can get anything from Singapore like glass canopy, glass door, glass furniture, glass office furniture, glass partitions and many more.



Singapore, the forefront of the glass manufacturing in central Asia has become the core of Asia. Most of the glass manufacturing takes place in Singapore and there are many companies there. The most glasses we use anywhere in the world are probably made in Singapore.

Made in Singapore glasses are famous all over the world. The manufacturers there have specific techniques to manufacture the world class glass. It is made up of sand fused with lime, soda and some other things.

With its comprehensive techniques and machines, Singapore is capable of designing, manufacturing and supplying all types of safety glasses. Those ranges from basic annealed glass to sophisticated high-performance glass that consist of heat treated, laminated, double glazed and low E-glass.

They are good at making glasses because they have the infrastructure in place and they have access to the latest equipment and machinery. With all those factors combined, it becomes obvious that they excel at making glass.

Tempering machine

Tempering machine


Tempered glass is also known as toughened glass. While making the tempered the cooling process is slightly different, it creates counteracting stresses, which means that if the glass breaks it will break in small square fragments rather than big shards, which decreases the risk of injury. It is used for various ways for example shower doors, glass furniture, and shelves because it is far more resistant to breaks.

The tempered glass is blasted with sand on the surface of the glass to make it a translucent milky white appearance. This technique is used for the shower doors or front doors to provide more privacy to users. This technique can be used to create pattern also using a sand resisting mask or a whole sheet of glass can be blasted with sand. The tempered glass was first created by the French inventor Francois Barthelemy Alfred Royer de la Bastie.

The tempered glass is manufactured by heating and cooling standard glass in a furnace. The precut glass is then put into the tempering furnace and heated to a very high temperature of 1200°F and then it is cooled rapidly.

This process of tempering is known as quenching. This process of quenching makes the glass 4 or 5 times tougher and therefore it is more resistant to breakage. Now if the glass does break, it will shatter in small pieces than breaking into big pieces.


Laminated glass is a common option where increased security is needed like for the front doors, car windscreens, and windows fronts. The manufacturing process is such that laminated glass is held by an interlayer, which means that it will not shatter easily upon the heavy impact. This reduces the break-ins and any hazards caused by the broken glass pieces.

It is basically a sandwich of glass. And it is made up of two or more sheets of glass with a vinyl interlayer in between. Then this is heated up and made up into a single glass which will become harder and become almost shatterproof.

The laminated glass has another advantage and that is, it blocks the 99% of UV light transmission. It also has good reduction properties and it can be cut and polished after laminating and they are most likely to sell more. Some of the more layered laminated glass can qualify as the bullet resistant glasses.

Laminating glass

Laminating glass

Carlton Glass Building

Carlton Glass Building


As we all know that Singapore is the hub for glass manufacturing in Asia. And one the greatest manufacturers in Singapore is Carlton Glass Enterprises. They are one of the leaders in manufacturing glasses since 1987.

They have a wide range of products ranging from laminated glass to tempered glass. They can provide a clear glass, clear mirror, low iron glass, tinted glass, printed glass, and sunergy glass. They also provide the glasses for the offices, display glass, glass staircase, glass furniture, naturally lit office and glass office furniture. They are focusing more and more on made in Singapore products and delivering on the promises. They have their manufacturing facilities located right in the heart of Singapore that is why they are able to deliver on the promises in a short span of time.

You can order your glass requirements with them and you don’t need to worry about anything as they will take care of everything and you’ll get the finished product of your given dimension. Carton glass Singapore use modern technology to manufacturing machines and they have a policy of replacing the machines every three years, so they always have the best machines and technology in the industry. They are committed to bringing comfort and satisfaction to their customers.

We have learned a lot about glass in this article and why Singapore is better at making professional safety glasses.

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